The Extreme Cruiser vest was designed for timber cruisers and other field scientists, to protect and function with basic forestry equipment. All vests have the same pockets. Each model provides a different weight fabric and/or content for various environmental conditions. There are other options available to accommodate the specific needs of cruisers and other outdoor professionals.

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Models of Vests

Model 1050 12-15 ozs.
This is the heaviest weight, rain repellent, urethane-coated nylon available. It is extremely tough and abrasion resistant.

Model 1000 11 oz.
The Klamath is the only model that comes in orange. This urethane-coated nylon, is heavy weight, tough and abrasion resistant.

Model 500
This model is our “coolest” vest. The body is constructed of industrial polyester mesh, with pockets from The Klamath or The Jefferson.

Model 150 15 oz.
This 100% cotton duck is used for kayaks, tents, and hammocks. Its most significant feature it the breathability of cotton.

The Olypmia Model – 2000
This model refers to the rain gear (jacket and trousers or chaps)