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To our devoted customers…

Please be advised that we are no longer able to produce the vests that you’ve come to know and love.  We thank you for trusting us with your business.

We will be seeking a buyer for  Please note, however, that this will ONLY happen if we can find one that can meet the very high quality standards that you’ve been accustomed to.  We will reach out to you if this happens.

If you have any questions or concerns or wish to be added to our email list for future updates, please email us at

Timber Cruiser & Utility Vest

Models of Vests

The Extreme Cruiser Vest was designed to allow convenient access to the most popular forestry equipment. The basic pocket layout is the same for all the models. The different models address a range of environmental conditions. There are options available to address individual preferences.


Model 500
This model is our “coolest” vest. The body is constructed of industrial polyester mesh, with pockets from The Klamath or The Jefferson.

Model 1000 11 oz.
The Klamath is the only model that comes in orange. This urethane-coated nylon, is heavy weight, tough and abrasion resistant.

Model 1050 12-15 ozs.
This is the heaviest weight, rain repellent, urethane-coated nylon available.
It is extremely tough and abrasion-resistant.


  • By far the best made and best looking vest out there. There is a ton of room for everything I could possibly need in the field and the pocket design is perfect. I don’t have to worry about running out of water or suppliers even on all day treks. 

    Cody Coons, Forestry Technicians
  • I like how diameter tapes can be worn on the hip, in the armpit or on the chest depending on preference. When worn on the D-ring under the arm the tape can be placed into one of the front pockets to keep from swinging and to prevent loss of the tape in the brush, A lot of thought has been put into the pocket design and layout.

    Brian Bowles, Timber Cruiser
  • I’m a big guy and left-handed. Its made it difficult for me to find a vest that fits comfortably. With a few easy measurements was able to custom fit a vest to my frame and switch the pocket layout for a left-handed person. I was also able to pick from a wide array of custom colors. Great looking vest and comfortable regardless of how many layers I’m wearing. 

    Dustin Lindler, Forester
  • I bought my first Extreme Cruiser to replace my GPS antenna backpack. Now I can carry my raingear, lunch, water, paint, flagging, air photos and all my forestry equipment and still be comfortable while I’m laying out harvest units with my GPS system. My company has since replaced all our cruiser vests with the Extreme Cruiser. The quality and functionality of this vest increase efficiency and improve the production of our forestry staff.

    Dewey Robbins, Forester
  • Just got home and opened up my vest. As know, JRC loves Extreme Cruisers so I had very high expectations – they were totally exceeded!! As a small-framed female I have never had a vest that fit me, let alone one that has enough pockets to carry everything I need. This vest is going to make my work day 10 times better and I can’t thank you enough for it!
    Carson Herold, Forester