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Patent No: USD683.933 S

Date of Patent: June 11, 2013

Our History

A few years ago, my nephew, Dewey Robbins, came to me with a request. He is a professional forester and couldn’t find a durable vest to conveniently carry and protect the tools he needed every day. With my background in theatre design, he wanted to know if I could design and make a vest for him. Of course, I said yes.

Armed with a set of tools and his suggestions for pocket layout, The Extreme Cruiser was created.

Quality and durability were at the top of my list of requirements. And I wanted every product I created to be handmade in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the first prototypes was worn to the auction dinner at a Redwood Regional Logging Conference by Dewey’s employer and later donated as an auction item for charity… I received calls for orders before the weekend was over. Because of the response to these first vests, I applied for a patent. My patent was awarded in 2013.

What Dewey and I thought of as a side project has expanded into a full-time endeavor. They are spreading across the United States and many other countries. Extreme Cruiser Vests are spreading across the United States and many other countries; they are now in New Zealand, Belgium, and Canada.

Kerri L. Robbins

Designer and CEO